Best exercises for working biceps and triceps

Today we will talk about the best exercises for working biceps and triceps.

Best exercises for working biceps and triceps
19 June 2020 - 17:48

Today we will talk about the best exercises for working biceps and triceps.  These exercises are the types of exercises that strengthen the biceps and triceps muscles, and you need to perform them in a certain way. They will make a person strong in structure, and we will talk in detail about these below:

Biceps Exercises

Weighted exercise: in which the trainee grabs the dumbbell while he is standing, then swings his hands down once and up once, and during that he squeezes the muscles of the pi and is fixed for seconds, and the exercise is repeated 12 times, and the trainee is to relax every period so that he does not experience an occurrence Muscle tear.

Dumbbell exercise with armrest: The trainee sits and places a footrest on the top of his legs, swings, and folds his arms in order to block the biceps muscle, and when the top of the movement is reached, he fixes the arms for two seconds and completes the exercise.

Weighted exercise with a hummer: The person stands up and grabs the dumbbell, and works on the weighting of the dumbbells in a hammer mode, during which the muscles must be squeezed firmly and forcefully for movement, this exercise is repeated more than once and it is over the course of 4 groups and each group is 12 exercises.

Exercise with Dumbbell: The trainee sits down and works to hold the dumbbell. He performs this exercise by squeezing the muscle called the bicep for maximum strength with movement and also stability for several seconds. This exercise is done in 4 groups.

Triceps Exercises:

Tri-tide exercise: After the trainee sits down, he grabs the dumbbells behind his head and grabs them with two hands, after which he takes his hands down from behind his head to the maximum degree, then ascends and when he reaches the top he moves and then squeezes the muscles and fixes them for seconds, and this exercise is done With 4 groups and relaxes between each group.

Kicking exercise: the person grabs the dumbbells during his forward bending, and works out the exercise called the kickback, and brings the dumbbells to his side and works to straighten his arms and when the top of the movement is obtained, the triangle is tightened to the maximum and is installed for two seconds, after which these exercises are repeated in 4 groups.

Stretch the triceps with the bench: The sleeping position is taken with the training mattress and it can be done on the carpet, and the trainee grabs the dumbbells and works to straighten the arms for the maximum.



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