Chanel bag price increase in 2020

The rumors about Chanel's 2020 product price increase were true.

Chanel bag price increase in 2020
19 May 2020 - 09:09

Chanel fashion house raised its prices on most bags in the European market after quarantine restrictions began to ease, and stores reopened in most parts of the continent, while rumors revolved around the slight increase that many beloved bags would face, and the increase in some bags reached 17 % Or more!
If you love Boy Bags, take a sigh of relief because the changes were the lowest, with a 4-5% change. However, the classics were hit hard, with a 25% change in the final price of the Mini Square Flap Bag. The rest of the classics experienced a 14-17% increase with See Small Small Flap and Reissue 224 increasing 21%.
Most other countries assume that they will be affected by the price hikes as well, but there is no news about when they will officially take effect.
There are rumors that the United States will not get such a big increase, but this is just a rumor and even the release of new prices, can only be speculated.
Chanel has easily removed the available quotes from its website, so you can't currently see prices on bags, and this usually happens when the brand is ready to offer new prices.
Here is a look at the new European prices for Chanel bags after the recent price increase:
Classic bags prices

Reissued bag prices:

Boy Bag Prices:

W.O.C Bag Prices:

Chanel 19 Bag Prices:



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