Easy Ways to Secure Your Wifi Connection

Your wifi connection must be secure. It is very important to secure your wifi connection. You can secure your wifi connection very easily. There are some important steps to secure your wifi connection.

Easy Ways to Secure Your Wifi Connection
27 May 2020 - 10:58

  • Creating a Strong Password.
  • Change Network SSID Name.
  • Filter You MAC Address.
  • Decreasing Your Wifi’s Range.
  • Network Encryption.
Router’s Setting Page:
  • Open Your web browser and type "" in search.
  • Now Enter your user name and password to access the router setting.
  • You can get your username and password on the router backside.
Create a Strong Password:
    Create a unique and strong password here. Create a password that no one can guess. Your password must be 8 characters long. It may include numbers and special characters. For creating a strong password you must include numbers and special characters.

Change Network SSID Name:
    Replacing your NETWORK SSID name helps that other person will know that it is not a default network and that it may be secure. Don't put your family names, telephone numbers, and addresses as your SSID names.

Filter your PC Mac address:
A Mac address is a pre-built address in your device's networking tools. It is related to IP address without that it can't be changed. For more security, you can continue Mac addresses of all your devices to your wifi network. To achieve that, obtain your device's Mac addresses.

 In PC, use command prompt and write "IPconfig /all". You can see your Mac address upon the title Physical Address. In your mobile, you'll get your Mac address below networking settings. Easily add these Mac addresses to your wifi router's organizational settings. Now only those devices will be able to enter your wifi.

Decreasing your Wifi's Range
The simplest way to decrease your wifi range is to place the router under the bed in a shoebox. Or to cover foil around its aerials. Then, you can also adjust your wifi router's mode. By updating Your Wifi's Software. If you decrease your wifi’s range. Then it will get secure from most of the users

This is also necessary as with the latest updates. You can also receive new safety updates for your router. Mark your modern firmware version by revisiting "" and telling it in the administration set.

Network Encryption:
This is an essential task. There is an abundance of encryptions out there. In most modern routers, WPA2 is the safest one. And WEP the smallest secure. Choose your encryption respectively. 




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