Herbal Medicines

For centuries, people rely on herbal ways for the treatment of many health issues. Products created from plants or botanicals are also famous as phytomedicines, herbal products, and botanical products.

Herbal Medicines
16 May 2020 - 17:19 - Update: 18 May 2020 - 07:47

For centuries, people rely on herbal ways for the treatment of many health issues. Products created from plants or botanicals are also famous as phytomedicines, herbal products, and botanical products. Despite the modern era’s medical and technological advancements, the demand for herbal medicines is on the rise because most of them are more accessible than conventional drugs.

Here are the 11 topmost famous herbal medicines, including their advantages, uses & some necessary information. 

1.   Ginseng

It is a medical plant and also frequently used in traditional Chinese medicine to minimize inflammation and enhance brain function, energy levels, and brain function. The incredible vital compounds known as ginsenosides have antidiabetes, anticancerous, neuroprotective, and also immune-supporting properties. It is available in most health food stores.

2.   Echinacea

The coneflower or echinacea is not only a flowering plant but also a famous health remedy. It is mainly utilized to prevent or treat the common cold.

3.   Ginkgo Biloba

It is also an herbal medicine for thousands of years and remains a top a selling dietary supplement today. Ginkgo Biloba has a wide range of potent antioxidants that provide various health benefits. We use it to treat many health disorders such as dementia, sexual dysfunction, and also incredibly important for your heart health.

4.   John’s Wort

It is a potential herbal medicine derived from the excellent flowering plant Hypericum Perforatum. We use its yellow color flowers for making tea. We can use it for wound healing and also minimizing depression and insomnia conditions. This potential herbal medicine is also very significant in treating kidney and lung diseases.

5.   Cloves

We frequently utilize cloves to spice up dishes of rice and meat. Like any other herbal drug, you can also use them to treat a wide variety of health issues. Cloves may also help ease nausea and may even treat seasonal colds.

They can relieve the pain associated with headaches, toothaches, or arthritis inflammation. You can also eat it as a topical pain reliever. The most active ingredient in cloves is eugenol that is a natural pain reliever and helpful for the body in many ways.

6.   Ginger 

Ginger is potent in treating gastrointestinal problems, especially in relieving nausea and diarrhea due to morning sickness in pregnancy time. Ginger has amazing anti-inflammatory features that make it very useful in improving your immune system and reducing the risk of chronic pains.

7.   Parsley 

Parsley is high in with many essential nutrients such as vitamin A, several antioxidants and also the apigenin. This chemical helps in preventing the growth of cancerous cells & also very helpful in lowering high blood pressure.

8.   Feverfew

It is a popular flowering plant and very beneficial for your mental health. Feverfew has various active compounds such as volatile oils and flavonoids. 

The active chemicals in this flowering plant may prevent cancerous cells from growing in your body. It also has anti-inflammatory features that aid in relieving severe chronic pain. The most vital benefit of this amazing plant is it can improve your mood and minimizes the signs of depression as feverfew has a positive influence on your health.

9.   Cinnamon 

Cinnamon has incredible anti-inflammatory and antibiotic features that aid in the digestion of foods. It is remarkably essential to control sugar level and reduces cholesterol levels in those who are suffering from heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

10.       Garlic 

Garlic is well known for its healing ability and anti-cancer effects. It also minimizes the risk of various health issues like cold and hypertension. Garlic is very beneficial for improving heart health. Garlic is also a remarkable flavor enhancer.

11.       Rosemary 

Rosemary is a popular herb that decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and increases your heart health. This incredible healing herb also improves indigestion and minimizes muscle or joint pain. The active ingredient carnosol also prevents the development of cancer, causing cells in your body.


Herbal medicines have many potential benefits, and you can use them as home remedies for different conditions. You can also consult doctors before using these herbal medicines.



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