How to become a good father?

Nobody claims parenting is easy. Whatever the age or number of your children, the role of the father does not end. To become a good father, you must be present, educator, and an example to follow and be kind to your children without weakness. If you want to know how to balance all of these things, follow these steps

How to become a good father?
20 May 2020 - 00:28

1- Create time for your children. Children do not care whether you are preparing for a significant upgrade in your business or that you do not own the most expensive house in the neighborhood. All they care about is being with them at dinner time, going for a workout with them, and watching their favorite movies on the weekend. To be a good father, you have to set aside time for your children every day or at least every week, no matter how busy you are.
- Put this time on your schedule. Perhaps the time is right for your children on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Keep this in mind, set your schedule for their times, and don't let other commitments hold you back.
- If you have more than one child, you must find time for each child separately so that you can create strong relationships with each of them.
- If you were tired enough to not play with the football match, he was waiting for, replace him with other actors in the same area of ​​interest, such as watching a soccer match together or his favorite movie about the sport he loves. It is important to be interested in his hobbies.
2- Be present at the important milestones. Being important to their accomplishments in their lives is just as important as planning a private time with them. Arrange your schedule so that you can attend your son's first school day, your daughter's first concert, or their graduation party.
Your children will remember these moments throughout their lives, and being there means a lot to them.
You may be busy at a time when your son is making an important achievement in his life, but if you are not present with him his important moments, you will regret it later.
3- Teach your children important lessons in life. And not only important lessons, but also simple life tasks such as helping them use the toilet and brush their teeth properly, how to ride the calf, and when the time comes, teach your son how to drive a car, how to shave his chin, and how to keep his personal hygiene. Your children need you for big lessons and small daily tasks as well.
Divide those life lessons with your wife. Each of you has a role in teaching your children the life skills they need.
Help your children learn from their mistakes. If your son makes a mistake, your task is to help him understand why this behavior is wrong and how he can avoid him in the future instead of imposing an immediate penalty for the wrong act.
4- Build a strong relationship. Being in important times in their lives will make the process of communicating with them easier. You do not have to do anything impressive while you are, you just have to care to communicate with them and understand their fears and struggles of their little world.
- Make sure to check the conditions of your children on a daily basis so that you know their news first-hand and what is important to them during the week.
Don't ask superficially without being ready to hear an answer.
- If your children are in their teens or university, you may find them not wanting to share their day with you. Checking their condition periodically allows you to check on them without feeling interfered in their affairs.
5- Plan trips with your children. It is important to plan a trip with your children with their mother or others. A beach trip, a camp in the desert, or a day for fishing at sea - activities that your kids will never forget. Whatever your favorite type of trips, try to repeat it at least once a year, in order to be a great family habit.
Even if the mother is present, allocate time for them to strengthen the relationship between you.
They are planning such trips a few months before they give the kids something enthusiastic to look forward to.
6- Don't forget your own time. Despite the importance of spending time with your children, you should also spend time devoted to your interests, whatever you can, spending a Saturday evening doing something you love, or half an hour daily for sports or reading. Sure, you should place your children's interests above any interest, but that does not mean that you neglect yourself completely.
- If you do not care about your own time, you will not be able to relax and charge your energy every period until you can continue to give the time and attention that your children deserve.
- Designate a chair or room in the house so that it becomes known that this place belongs to you without the inconvenience and help them understand why you need your time in peace without interruption.



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