How to do push-up exercises easily

There is a way to do push-up exercises easily.

How to do push-up exercises easily
02 August 2020 - 08:45

Push-ups are one of the most common types of exercises among athletes. Due to the ease of performing it and not needing certain tools or adhering to the gym like some other sport, as pressure exercises strengthen the front shoulder muscles and the abdominal muscles, and the process of burning fat in the body increases strength and energy and improves the appearance of the body in general. There are several ways to perform push-ups easily.
How to Do Push-Up Exercises Easily
One-Click Push-up

Lie down with your face facing down towards the floor, focusing your weight on the chest area. Place the palms of your hands on the ground to distance the same distance between the shoulders. Start going up with your arms; In this case, you should base your weight on your hands, while keeping the body in a straight line starting from the head to the heels (position of the straight line), and during that, reduce the abdominal cavity to keep the hips straight.
Initial pressure exercises
Lie down to create a right angle with your elbows, while keeping your elbows near your body to increase the rate of resistance, and keep the head facing forward, so that the front of the nose is facing forward, keep your body in the position of the straight board, and the appropriate height for your chest from the ground is the amount of one fist, which varies with strength and body type. Lift yourself by pushing the ground away from you, with breathes during this stage. The momentum comes from the shoulders, chest, and muscle located behind the arm and avoids the use of the buttocks or abdomen. The arms should become upright without curving at every pressure. Repeat this exercise several times.



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