How to protect your brain cells from damage?

There are many factors that influence our thinking and focus as well as the ability of our rapid reaction, but by following some procedures and behaviors, the brain cells can be protected and preserved to enhance brain function and improve memory.

How to protect your brain cells from damage?
20 May 2020 - 00:21

The brain is the most complex organ in the body, and its function remains of great importance, as any damage to the cells of this main organ leads directly to the disruption of one of the body's functions. As for stopping it, it means that all body parts stop working.
Health website Go Feminin has provided ten tips that boost brain function, improve memory, and help bypass the causes that damage our brain cells:
Doing yoga and meditation exercises to improve concentration, reduce stress, maintain brain fitness, and exercise.
It is focusing on only one task because this gives the brain strength and makes it produce more. The problem of modern man lies in his continuous communication with others via mobile phone and the Internet, and his complete engagement in carrying out multiple tasks at the same time, which overburdens the brain excessively.

I am getting proper nutrition. It is best for one to eat in breakfast foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as nuts, boiled eggs, or blueberries that protect the brain from aging and increase the ability to learn.
Listening to classical music should not be underestimated in the evening, and there is no scientific research confirming that classical music helps improve thinking, but the well-known thing is that it promotes creativity and focus better.

You are finding new interests in sports, music, art or literature, learning new languages ​​, or solving crossword puzzles before bed to train your brain.
The practice of fast reading is a great challenge for the brain. When we read a text quickly, we can collect its information and process it also quickly, and by using special techniques, the brain can be trained to read quickly because of its benefits.

In times of smartphones and tablet computers, we have become lazy about writing, but whoever wants to protect his brain cells and make him enjoy vitality and activity, he must return to writing from time to time.
Exercising the brain to think and help it to understand the mind, and the best way to do this is memorizing by heart, such as memorizing poems, thoughts, vocabulary, and phone numbers.
The benefits of learning an instrument are innumerable. It positively affects the brain by strengthening focus, sharpening mental energies, and improving cognitive skills.

Good sleep, as research and scientific studies, have confirmed that those who sleep only about four hours suffer from problems in concentration and memory and become unable to work efficiently. A person who sleeps well is able to absorb new information and establish it well for a longer period of time.



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