Taylor Swift to Trump "We'll vote to remove you"

Famous pop singer Taylor Swift responded strongly to Donald Trump on Friday after he wrote a tweet suggesting he was allowed to shoot protesters angry at the police killing a black man in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Taylor Swift to Trump "We'll vote to remove you"
01 June 2020 - 12:25 - Update: 01 June 2020 - 12:28

Swift wrote on Twitter, where 86 million users follow it: "After the outbreak of white supremacy and racism during all your presidency, do you have the nerve to pretend moral superiority before the threat of violence?"
She cited Trump's controversial tweet in which he said: "When the looting begins, the shooting begins," before adding: "We will vote to remove you in November."
Trump sparked controversy after he posted a tweet early in the night, on violent anti-police protests in Minneapolis. He described the protesters as a "bandit" and warned of military intervention.
Hundreds of soldiers were deployed in the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Friday, after the third night of riots that began to denounce police brutality against African Americans.
The protests started after a video clip showing George Floyd, 46, who was killed by the handcuffed police on the ground, spread on Monday.
He died after a policeman pressed his foot against his neck for more than five minutes.



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