The Best Seo Tips to follow in 2020

SEO is not something that you can do one time and stop it forever. Google keeps on refreshing its algorithm due to which you'll get the topmost results for the same keyword switching after some time.

The Best Seo Tips to follow in 2020
29 May 2020 - 17:13

The website that has quality content and a brief explanation of the topic. It will rank first at the google. Otherwise, A website's Domain Authority (DA) plays an important role in ranking a website. Though this enhances the experience of the people who are exploring, as a website owner. One would have to continue doing changes to their SEO efforts. Let us look at how you can catch Google's algorithm changes in 2020.

Keyword Research:
Keyword research is the most important step in SEO. When we write articles If we want to rank these articles. First, we have to do proper keyword research. Keyword research tells you the difficulty in any keyword.

What is Keyword Research:
Keyword research defines the difficulty of any keyword. It tells you how to rank any article or how to beat your competitors. If you are going to write an article on a difficult niche. 
For example:
If you are a beginner and want to write an article. You have selected a difficult keyword like What is SEO? Believe me, This is a very difficult keyword. If you are not a beginner then you cannot grow up with this keyword. At the beginning stage, we have to do the best keyword research in which we select less competitive keywords.

How you can do Keyword Research:
There are many keyword research tools. Some tools are fake that show you the wrong results. But I will share some of the best tools. 

 Ahrefs is the best tool for all SEO. It includes keyword research, Competitor site analysis, Competitor backlinks checker, Organic keywords finder, etc. The most useful feature of ahrefs is keyword research. You can find low keyword difficulty keywords in ahrefs. You can paste any site and find the low competition keywords of that site.
Other Seo Tools:

 Some other SEO tools are Moz, semrush, neil patel, etc.
Social Signals:

The other best method to get massive traffic to the new site. You can do the proper social signals. Social signals boost your site ranking. You post ranks by social sharing.

What are social signals:
Social Signals are like sharing on social media accounts. But for the social signals, first create all the social media accounts like the Facebook page, twitter account, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, and Instagram, etc. Simply share your website’s posts on these accounts.

How we can do Social Signals:
Social signals are the easiest thing in SEO. It is not the main part of the SEO but we can get traffic through it. After creating all the social media accounts. Install a plugin of social sharing. This will add the icons to your theme and posts. Now you can get the required social media icons. After posting a fresh post simply open that post and click on any social media icon.

When you click on any icon. A pop up will appear now you can sign in to your account. Now after signing in Go to google search your keyword. At the bottom, you will find all the related keywords. Copy all these keywords into notepad and start removing the space between the words. And add # at the start of the keyword. 
 Now open the already opened social media window paste the tags in the title and simply post. This will give your site a social power. By this social power, you can easily beat your competitor.



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